HappySpree’s Boost Your Happiness, Smile More, and Dance Around Playlist

Photo credit Andre Furtado Want to feel happier?  Scientists have proven that music can impact mood and change how we view the world.   Our brain builds up expectations based on experience and mood, so listening to sad music can make us feel sad, and playing happy music increases happiness. As we experience happy emotions, they broaden and build, … Read more

HappySpree’s Feel Your Feelings Playlist–Process Negative Emotions To Feel Better Faster

(Photo credit Kristopher Roller) We all feel angry, mad, or sad sometimes and that’s ok.  It’s not healthy to strive for constant happiness.  Trying to force happiness at inappropriate times can signal mental health issues, such as mania.  So, if your pet dies or a relationship ends, negative emotions are appropriate.  We need to take … Read more

Help Ignite Teenage Brains – Support Later School Start Times

What’s that “zzzzzzzzz” sound coming from your local high school? It’s teenagers sleeping through first period. As the mom of three teen morning-haters, I support the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement recommending that middle and high schools start at 8:30 a.m. or later.   The statement says, “Research studies of sleep patterns in adolescents … Read more

How Forgiveness Makes the Impossible Possible, Plus A Surprise Gift

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. –Lewis B. Smedes I grew up in the snowy mountains of Park City, Utah a perfect metaphor for my unforgiving heart. My easy childhood had minor forgiveness incidents, but I had little guidance from my parents and none from religion, and … Read more

How to Avoid CoronaVirus and Stop Living With Fear

Dr. David Price, from Weill Medical Center, says his facility handles 20% of NYC’s coronavirus patients, and he and his colleagues have avoided getting sick despite serving the sickest patients, those likely to need a ventilator. Dr. Price was choked up with happy tears that he could stop fearing contracting coronavirus when following the four steps below. Here’s his … Read more

How To Prevent the Next Dead Teenager? Let’s Spread Out Our Blankets

Dedicated to my daughter, Kira, my son, Max, and the friends that we lost. I don’t want to lose any more. My 15-year-old daughter has 5 dead friends. Two summers ago, when she was 13, three of her classmates died. What happened isn’t clear, but for sure it ended in despair. The morning of the funeral, I … Read more

Keep Your New Years Resolutions – Quick Tips For Success

New Years resolutions are like chocolate-chip pancakes served at my daughter’s slumber party, easy to make but hard to keep. A study of 3,000 people at the University of Hertfordshire found that 88% of people that made New Years Resolutions failed.It’s why my health club is packed in January but crickets are chirping in April. … Read more

Make Money With Your Dream Job: Art + Passion + Dog = Painting Success Story

Corinne Humphrey left her 25-year career as a Delta international flight attendant to pursue her passion: art. Inspired by her rescue dog from Furburbia, Rudy, she took a creative flight, picked up a brush and started painting. A year later her first book, The Tao of Rudy, was published. The book features inspirational and motivational … Read more

Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail … So Here’s How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions seem like a great idea on January 1st, but Business Insider reports 80% fail by February. Use this video to up your success … Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail So Here’s How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions About the author(s) Kendeyl Johansen Kendeyl Johansen is a tech geek creating inspirational multimedia … Read more

Stress Relief: Could I Transform Stress into Smiles for U.C. Berkeley Students and More?

My four kids felt stressed over tests and frenemies, and I wanted to help.  I couldn’t take their exams for them, though.  I’m allergic to calculus, physics and Boolean statistics (horror!) Also I couldn’t punch the kid that told my adopted Asian daughter that her eyes looked weird (tempted).  Or find the driver that hit … Read more