Find Your Passion — Wake up Inspired, Happy, Excited and … Singing

Use this blog post to wake up inspired, happy and excited every day. Skeptical? I was an uninspired morning-hater, but then I discovered a secret. It took me fifty years to discover this, plus a painful soul-search and much inspirational book reading. You can skip the epic effort because I’ll tell you the secret … Are you curious? Drum … Read more

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Challenge: make someone laugh today.🤣 Who’s in? Want more happiness and to track your happiness trends?  Join HappySpree About the author(s) Kendeyl Johansen Kendeyl Johansen is a tech geek creating inspirational multimedia content to increase happiness and health for individuals and organizations.

Happiness Hack – How to Find Your Burning Desire

My quest to find a burning desire took time and an honest soul-search (owwwwl!)  But I can’t underestimate the happiness and life satisfaction benefitsI gained.  I wish I’d done it sooner … Remember how good it feels when you dive deep into something and time melts … you might look up startled 10 hours have … Read more

Happy Playlist — Sending Peace Love and Happiness on Sad Shooting News Days

Some days you wake up to news that hundreds of people were shot while trying to enjoy a music concert. And tears are streaming down your face, because it’s personal. Maybe the people shot in Las Vegas were at a concert you almost went to see. I will never understand the mindset of killing a … Read more

HappyHack: Try a Taste of Meditation: 5-Minute Chocolate, Candy or Fruit Meditation — Fast, Fun and Easy

(Photo credit: jackmac34 on Pixabay) Did you ever gulp down a meal and not notice how it tasted? We all get busy sometimes, and often I eat without enjoying my food, or even tasting it. If you want to try meditation and develop a new appreciate for food, take three minutes for this Taste Meditation. … Read more

HappyHack: Best Possible Future – How to Make Your Dreams Come True For Work and Play

Why are you smiling so wide in the future? It’s 5-10 years from now, and your happy grin comes from achieving your dreams. You accomplished this by creating achievable goals and then marking them off one after the other. Research shows that writing about, or visualizing, positive thoughts and dreams can bring about your Best Possible Future.  This optimistic thinking … Read more

HappyHack: Gratitude Journal – Increase Happiness at Home, Work and Play with 3-Minute Tool

(Photo credit kaboompics) Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. –Dalai Lama XIV Our world needs more happiness, especially during this coronavirus pandemic.  Gratitude journals are scientifically proven to increase happiness  (Lyubomirsky, Dickerhoof, Boehm, and Sheldon 2011; Seligman and Anselmo-Matthews, 2012).  Writing down three positive things per day can help depressed … Read more

HappySpree Best of the Best Happy and Feel-Good Movies

Photo credit Watching happy movies can build positive emotions and lift your mood.  In one study, people watching a happy movie recovered from negative emotions, including rumination and worry. So, watch a happy movie to feel good. Also, emotions from happy movies can improve mood due to emotional contagion.  A study with more than … Read more

HappySpree Breakup Recovery Playlist and How To Process Negative Emotions To Heal Hurts and Feel Better

(Photo credit Kristopher Roller) Some days feel difficult and that’s ok.  It’s not healthy to strive for happiness all of the time.  Trying to force happiness at inappropriate times can signal mental health issues, such as mania.  If your dog dies or a relationship ends negative emotions are appropriate.  We need to process our emotions … Read more

HappySpree’s 11 Funniest of Funny Comedy Movies List

Photo credit Why watch a funny movie?  Funny movies can boost our happiness and health.  In one study, laughter increased positive emotions for people watching a funny clip.  In another study, laughter improved mood and lessened pain for hospital patients as they selected items from a “laugh-mobile”. Need more evidence of laughter as medicine?  … Read more