Tired of the Rat Race? Create Your Dream Job — They Did and So Can You

Do you wake up exhilarated for your day and thrilled for work? Many of us aren’t that lucky. We dream of making money doing work we love, but that’s not easy. Or is it?  Use the success stories below to think creatively and monetize your passion. Attorney Nicky Lecher enjoyed practicing law, but she really … Read more

Transforming Hell into Happiness: How I Created My Happy Path

I took 10 years to journey from hell to HappySpree.  I wish I’d done it sooner, but a marital blizzard engulfed me.  I publically smiled my frosty smile, while my soul froze from icy words. Sadly comparing my insides to other people’s outsides created false paths lined with empty-calorie foods, alcohol, and sleeping pills. These … Read more

Want A Realistic Happily Ever After? Create It Today …

Well-being experts Suzann Pileggi Pawelski (MAPP) and James Pawelski (PhD) didn’t expect their book Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts to cause a breakup with my fiance, and neither did I. When I bought their book I had hopes of strengthening my romantic relationship. I knew something felt wrong, but I didn’t know what. … Read more

little girl listening to headphones

Want some addicting listening fun? 7 Great Podcasts To Enjoy and Spice Up Chores and Boring Tasks

Want some addicting fun this weekend? These great podcasts will make spring cleaning, gardening, or organizing fly by, and getting chores done can increase your happiness and well-being. 🤣 Watch out for your fingernails though, many of these award-winning podcasts are 5-star suspenseful. You might find yourself cleaning more than you planned. 1) Carrier A … Read more

Who Are We? How To Tell Powerful Stories

Margarita Tarragona – photo credit University of Pennsylvania We are the stars of our lives with action always happening around us. With so many stories to choose from, selecting what to tell ourselves and others can seem difficult, but the stories we tell have a profound effect on our lives. So how can we create our … Read more

Who Else Has CoronaBinge-itis? 🤣

While stuck in quarantine we entertained ourselves by making chateaubriand, tiramisu and more but this resulted in a bad moment with my scale. 😬😱😭 So this weekend is devoted to exercise. 🏃‍♀️🚲🏔 Working out boosts our mood increases happiness, and hopefully will result in a better experience with my scale on Monday. 👈 Wishing everyone a happy and healthy … Read more