How to Avoid CoronaVirus and Stop Living With Fear

Dr. David Price, from Weill Medical Center, says his facility handles 20% of NYC’s coronavirus patients, and he and his colleagues have avoided getting sick despite serving the sickest patients, those likely to need a ventilator. Dr. Price was choked up with happy tears that he could stop fearing contracting coronavirus when following the four steps below.

Here’s his video:

If you have time for the 1-hour video I highly recommend it! If not here’s the gist:

1) 99% of infections are from sustained contact with an infected person, 30+ mins, NOT incidental contact.

This disease spreads by droplets. People touch something with a droplet on it and then infect themselves by touching their face.

2) It’s ok to touch things but sanitize your hands after. Sanitize, sanatize, sanitize.

3) Avoid touching your face. You only need a medical mask if in close contact with an infected person. Wear a regular mask to protect yourself from touching your face. No formal mask needed, a BANDANA works great. Leave the medical masks for professionals that need them because they work directly with sick patients.

4) Practice social distancing of 3-6 feet.

Good news: if you practice these steps you won’t get coronavirus, just like Dr. Price and his team are avoiding this sickness.

Dr. Price’s Q & A

• Pregnant women are not more impacted by coronavirus than anyone else. Those that have contracted the disease recovered without a negative impact on their baby.

• Infants and newborns are not getting coronavirus. There is near zero incidences for ages 0-14.

• To avoid overwhelming our healthcare system, stay at home if you have coronavirus. If you have fever, aches, and feel crappy, stay home. These symptoms will pass for most people. Go to the hospital only if you have shortness of breath.

Only 10% of people will need to go to the hospital for evaluation. Of those, 1-3% will need a medical ventilator. The majority of people will come off the ventilator after 7-10 days and recover.

• If you get coronavirus isolate yourself in one room for 14 days if possible, and if possible, dedicate a bathroom for just your use. If in shared living space, use common sense to stay away from people 3-6 feet, use a regular mask, sanitize everything you touch. Try and find an alternative living arrangement if living with an immunocompromised person.

• If you think you have a cold self-isolate for a few days to keep others safe in case coronavirus symptoms develop.

• It’s fine to outside to exercise and get fresh air just keep 3-6 feet away from others.

• Herd immunity spread for coronavirus is a bad idea for our world. Allowing quick infection of as many people as possible will overwhelm our medical systems and countless people will die. Better to limit exposure so that the virus spreads slower in a way medical systems can handle so less people die.

Thank you, Dr. Price, for taking time to share your knowledge. Finally, I can breathe easy knowing how to avoid this disease. I wish everyone good health as we fight this disease together.

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