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Watching happy movies can build positive emotions and lift your mood.  In one study, people watching a happy movie recovered from negative emotions, including rumination and worry. So, watch a happy movie to feel good.

Also, emotions from happy movies can improve mood due to emotional contagion.  A study with more than 600.000 Facebook participants found that user emotions were influenced negatively or positively by a newsfeed displaying similar emotions.  This is why we smile with Cher in Clueless when she finds true love, and laugh at Ferris Bueller’s ditch-day fun.

To increase positive emotions from a happy movie more, invite a friend over to share the experience.  A study showed positive social connections result in an “upward spiral” of positive emotions and also increase health.

To find the best happy movies, we reviewed Top 10 lists from Buzzfeed, Rotton Tomatoes, OprahMag, and more.  The movies are listed in order of occurrences found on “best” lists.

  1. Clueless (8 times on best lists)
  2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (7 times)
  3. Legally Blonde (6 times)
  4. Princess Bride (5 times)
  5. Brid Cage (5 tines)
  6. Mamma Mia (5 times)
  7. School of Rock (5 times)
  8. The Devil Wears Prada (5 times)
  9. Forest Gump (5 times)
  10. Pitch Perfect (4 times)
  11. (Bonus!) Amelie (4 times)

So pop some popcorn, choose a happy movie, and let the smiles begin.  What’s your favorite happy movie or what favorite movie are we missing?

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