img_5001New Years resolutions are like chocolate-chip pancakes served at my daughter’s slumber party, easy to make but hard to keep. A study of 3,000 people at the University of Hertfordshire found that 88% of people that made New Years Resolutions failed.It’s why my health club is packed in January but crickets are chirping in April. If you’ve resolved to lose weight you’re not the only one enjoying holiday fudge.USA.Gov lists weight loss as the most popular resolution followed by volunteer to help others, get a better education and get a better job.

These are all achievable goals, but how can we boost our chance for success? Use the tips below to ensure you’re in the 12% of people toasting success next January.

Try, Try Again

Our willpower starts out strong but businesses and life’s stresses can derail resolve over time. Deciding to quit smoking, or vowing to avoid chocolate, works great until facing a marathon work deadline.

If your resolve slips, don’t beat yourself up, and more importantly don’t quit. I’ve had to hire more than one programming team, each of which disparages the other … sigh, but I’ll never give up on my dream. Dust off your willpower and try again tomorrow.

Make a Measurable Plan

Instead of just resolving to lose weight, chose a result you can measure, like losing 15 pounds. It helps to craft small milestones to keep focused. For instance, deciding to lose 1-2 pounds per week until achieving your ideal weight provides energizing momentum.

For my website, I challenged myself to get 100 Facebook likes, 1000 views of my blog and 1000 preregistered users. Thanks to everyone that helped me exceed these goals.

Daily Reminders

A recent Forbes article states that writing down goals increases success. Last January I wrote a statement of purpose on my phone’s list app and I read this every morning. It reaffirms my resolve to meet my goals and keeps me committed.

These tips have helped me meet my goals and I’d love it if they help you. What’s your best tip for achieving New Year’s resolution success? Please comment, like and share ….

Shellee Godfrey

Shellee Godfrey creates happiness for her clients as a Systems Analyst and writes comedy screenplays based on her smart and sassy 80’s diva background.