Welcome to the HappySpree 14-Day Gratitude Challenge!

Gratitude journals are a fast and scientifically proven way to increase happiness and lessen mild depression.  Feeling happier benefits all aspects of our livesFind out more..

How the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge Works:


1)  Click an icon to rate your day.


2) Happiness counters track your happiness trends. 

•Current Streak tracks your happy days in a row.

•Total Happy Days tracks your all-time happy days for an overall happiness snapshot.

Unhappy days are ok.  Challenging days happen to everyone (your pet rock dies 🤣, an important relationship ends).  Use these days to process negative emotions in healthy ways to feel better faster.


3) List gratitude moments from your day.

These can be big (work promotion, aced my test) or small (made a baby smile, enjoyed hiking today, finally pooped.)  🤣)

List gratitude moments daily for 14 days

Bam! You created a gratitude habit.  Continue listing moments daily to keep feeling happier and stay happy,


4) Add a photo to create a gratitude slideshow on your home page.

The slideshow lets you savor gratitude moments when you access HappySpree.


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