Happy Playlist — Sending Peace Love and Happiness on Sad Shooting News Days

Some days you wake up to news that hundreds of people were shot while trying to enjoy a music concert. And tears are streaming down your face, because it’s personal. Maybe the people shot in Las Vegas were at a concert you almost went to see.

I will never understand the mindset of killing a group of strangers. I understand how someone might be gravely wronged and feel justified to pursue their own justice — let’s say your sister is raped or your child sexually molested (shudder!). I’m not saying I feel it’s right, but I can semi-understand, and I can’t tell what I (or you) would do in those circumstances. I hope we never find out.

But these mass murders of strangers, they fill me with fear. I’m not ready to die yet, but my life could have ended last night. 58 people are gone (and possibly more to come with 500+ injured). They all had family and friends and dreams … all gone. I want the violence to stop, but it seems like it’s getting worse.

My son’s 21st birthday party is booked for Las Vegas in November, and I’m afraid. We can’t all sit home and never go anywhere, but where can we go and remain safe?

I’m hugging my loved ones close today, and I bet you are too. Here’s a tiny offering — it’s my Happy Playlist. I use it to lift my mood, and I hope it might lift yours.

There are bound to be people that don’t think I should post a happy playlist on this sad day. I’m sure it won’t change the malignant violence trying to smother our joy, but I feel helpless today and restless too.

So I’m going to take out my frustration on my elliptical machine. I’ll turn up my playlist, close my eyes and think of the hurting people in Las Vegas, and elsewhere; and wish everyone peace, love and joy. I hope it helps …

“Hope is like the thing with feathers.” — Emily Dickinson

Happy Playlist

  • Wonderful World — Louis Armstrong
  • Don’t Stop Believing — Journey
  • Here Comes the Sun — The Beatles
  • Beautiful Day — U2
  • Happy (Clap Along) — Pharrel Williams
  • I Wanna Be Sedated — The Ramones
  • Walking On Sunshine — Katrina and the Waves
  • Can’t Stop The Feeling — Justin Timberlake

You know how I feel. How do you feel about mass shootings? Please comment, like and share …

Shellee Godfrey

Shellee Godfrey creates happiness for her clients as a Systems Analyst and writes comedy screenplays based on her smart and sassy 80’s diva background.