11 Funniest of Funny (Comedy) Movies and Let’s Fight Coronavirus With Laughter

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Who else needs a dose of positivity to fight coronavirus bad news?  Watching funny movies can boost happiness and health, so let’s laugh more.  Laughter increased positive emotions for people watching a funny clip, which improves wellbeing.  In another study, laughter improved mood and lessened pain for hospital patients as they selected items from a “laugh-mobile”, so similar measures could help coronavirus patients.

Need more evidence of laughter as medicine?  A study showed laughter decreased stress and improved immune system function.  Who doesn’t want that?  Also, psychologist Barbara Fredrikson found that positive emotions broaden-and-build which leads to more positive emotions, and greater health and happiness.

Emotions from happy movies can also improve mood due to emotional contagion, which means we can help friends and acquaintances.  A study with more than 600.000 Facebook participants found that user emotions were influenced negatively or positively by a newsfeed displaying similar emotions.  This is why we smile with Cher in Clueless when she finds true love, and laugh at Ferris Bueller’s ditch-day fun.  So, invite a friend over to share your laughter.

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We wanted to replace missed social events due to coronavirus with fun movie nights at home.  So, we reviewed Top “Funny Movie” lists from Buzzfeed, Rotten Tomatoes, OprahMag, and more.   Numbers indicate the “funniest” appearances for each movie.

  1. Clueless – 8x
  2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 7x
  3. Legally Blonde – 6x
  4. Princess Bride – 5x
  5. Bird Cage – 5x
  6. Mamma Mia – 5x
  7. School of Rock – 5x
  8. The Devil Wears Prada – 5x
  9. Forest Gump – 5x
  10. Pitch Perfect – 4x
  11. Elf – 4x

Your library may have copies of these movies, or you can find them online.  So, pop some popcorn, choose a comfortable spot, and dose yourself with laughter by binge-watching movies from our list.  Also, to increase laughter’s benefits, invite a friend or family member to watch along with you.  You’ll broaden-and-build their positive emotions along with yours, and boost your immune systems.

Try not to laugh at my favorite comedy, Ferris Bueller, and Shellee’s favorite funny movie, Night at the Roxbury.  What’s your favorite comedy, or which essential funny movie is missing?

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