.A Rebirth Out of Adversity Causes Us To Become New Creatures — James E. Faust

A rebirth out of adversity causes us to become new creatures

— James E. Faust

Why does change feel uncomfortable?

It often stems from fear. πŸ‘ˆ

We fear changing our familiar routines because of preconceived beliefs about ourselves. Yet when we stop underestimating ourselves and let go of fear, change can help us grow. 🌱 πŸ¦‹

This Easter, and on other days of reflection let’s take a few minutes to think about how a change might be positive. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday! 🐣

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Kendeyl Johansen

Kendeyl Johansen is a tech geek creating inspirational multimedia content to increase happiness and health for individuals and organizations.

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