How To Create A HappySpree Happy Journal

Creating your journal is fast, free and easy.  Just follow the steps below.

1. Create your account:

  1. Register on
  2. Sign on and click on the Happy Journal menu option to open your journal.
  3. To upload your profile picture, click on the gray circle at the top of the page.  If you would like to update your profile information, including “about me” and your “favorites” click on the “gear” icon on the far right side.

2. Start your journal:

  1. Click an emoticon to rate your day:  😀 😐 ☹️
  2. List 3-5 happy moments.
  3. Add an optional picture.  Pictures will create a slideshow to boost your mood with happy memories.
  4. Increase other people’s happiness by sharing positive moments you created together.  This can deepen and strengthen your relationship.  To share, click on the “email” icon at the bottom of your post and enter an email address.

3. Repeat every day to feel like this.


Why a Happy Journal boosts happiness, and creates optimistic thinking, greater success, physical health and more.