Welcome to the HappySpree Gratitude Challenge!

Gratitude journals are scientifically proven to increase happiness and lessen mild depression.  Feeling happier benefits all aspects of our livesFind out more..

How the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge Works:


1)  Click an icon to rate your day.

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2) A happiness counter tracks your happy days. 

Challenging days happen (if your pet rock dies 🤣or an important relationship ends).  These days are appropriate because we need to process negative emotions. 

An all-time happy day counter will total your happy days for an overall happiness snapshot.

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3) List happy moments from your day.

These can be big (work promotion, met an important goal) or small (made a baby smile, enjoyed hiking today, finally pooped.)  🤣)

List your happy moments daily for two weeks.  After that, continue listing positives to keep feeling happier and stay happy,

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4) Add a photo to display in a slideshow.

You can then savor moments again and again.

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5) Consider increasing happiness for a friend or family member by sharing your journal entry by email.

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